Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today as I looked at myself in the mirror getting ready for a long

trip home, I thought so much of my grandmother who made so much of an impression on my life.

I am now beyond the years that she had here on the earth and it is so hard to believe the years that went by so fast.

During my grandmother’s short time on this earth, she made such an impact on my life, and I wish so much that my children could have known her. I am so glad that I carry part of her name (Isabelle). I lost her due to cancer when she was only 61 years old and I was 15 years old. I miss her so much still, and do realize that most of what I have become in life was due to her spending quality time with me and teaching me so many things about the Lord. Her dying words were even a blessing spoken over my life. She didn’t teach the Word as much as she lived it before my very eyes, and that is what my desire has been! I want my grandchildren to say that about me one day.

The sayings that I love to use on my website is “Take Time To Smell The Roses”, and “When Life Gives You Scraps, Just Make A Quilt” came really from her lifestyle. I remember as a child, seeing her stop her busy days to sit down and play with my brothers and I. My mother worked all the time or was too busy, so we spent more time with my grandmother. We looked so forward to summers to go stay at Grandma’s house.

It seems like mothers just don’t HAVE time as much as they should, but grandma’s just go ahead and TAKE the time! I am so glad she did because I still remember the things she said to me, like “Lillian remember you might be the only Bible someone will ever read, so study it well, and live it, so your life can be the book they read” or “When you are not sure what to do in life, just ask yourself WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? then you will get your answer”.

Living on the low income that we had, I did not get to go to stores to buy my clothes. I remember watching her take the beautiful floral sacks that flour came in and sewing and making me some beautiful skirts and blouses to wear to school. I thought I was a queen when I was in 4th grade with my beautiful clothes. I had no idea that was the poor mans way of life! I also saw her take my worn out dresses etc, and put them together to make a quilt or use the scraps from her sewing my clothes.

Today, I wish I had some of those quilts. They would be so valuable! I do have one she made me personally when I was 14 years old. I watched her carefully hand quilt it from a quilting frame hanging from the celing. I cherish that quilt so much.

The lessons she taught me in life help me thrive through years as a homemaker. I wanted to be able to stay home with my girls and give them some quality time and not have to work like my mom did. I made their clothes, made our bedspreads and curtains and anything else I could sew mainly out of scraps that people gave me. I also made every shower gift, or Christmas gift that I ever gave. I loved creating things so much with my hands and see the “scraps in life become something valuable”.

I also sat down and taught my girls all the Bible stories and tried so very hard to live the Word of God. When we are young we just don’t have all the time or wisdom as we have as we get older. I did try so hard to be the best mother that I could be, but of course we always wish we could relive some things in life.

Yes we do fail in life, but maybe that is why God gives us grandchildren to give us a second chance. Since I was such a young grandmother in my 30’s when my first grandsons were young, I don’t know if I got to lay enough groundwork down for them to remember me in years to come as I do my grandmother. But hopefully with my 2 granddaughters and now the 2 youngest grandsons, I can leave an impression on them so when they are my age they can say too “I remember what my Mammaw Lillian taught me”! I want that to be mainly the WORD OF GOD!

I find these days that people don’t really cherish the simple things and the scraps in life like they should. I even see from my website that people don’t even really value handmade items much at all. I guess it is because we have grown so spoiled in America from all the plenty that we have even to the point of excess. That excess brings even more stuff in our life that brings more stress. Then we cry “I need a break and I need more time.” That is a shame too because it is really the “Less that mean More” in our life!! I have to remind myself of these things often. We will never HAVE enough time ever! We have to TAKE THE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES! and get rid of the weeds that try to choke out that time in the rose garden!

Monday, November 9, 2009


I was so glad this week to see the beautiful Autumn leaves turning colors. There is not a vast amount yet, but at least they are turning more and more each day. Some are even falling on the ground already. Some of my Autumn flowers that my husband brought me a few weeks ago are still beautiful in the vase on my table. God has been good to me. I couldn't believe they have lasted this long!

I love Autumn so very much but it just doesn't last long enough here to suit me. My hubby is already outside raking and burning some leaves. He dreads the falling leaves so much that he doesn't enjoy it like I do. It is breath taking to me and brings back memories of the beautiful colors of autumn leaves we saw in Tennessee last year while living with our daughter and family. I hate that here in Texas we don't have such beauty as that, or at least not where we live.
We got some cool weather last week and got to burn our fireplace some. That was wonderful!!

I just recently made some Autumn quilts and finished a beautiful one today that took me weeks to complete. It brought so much joy to me to just look at it while I was sewing. The top quilted stitches are very decorative and so pretty.

Quilts are very special to me because they remind me how you can take discarded and fragment pieces and make them something so beautiful and so valuable. Just like God does with our lives!!!
I get sad that my husband dreads Autumn so much and wants it to pass so quickly and the leaves be all gone. He is missing some great beauty in life.

Then God reminds me that is what so many people do with things in their lives too many times. They want to rush through the moment, trial, or chore, and just get to the destination and finished product. Then they miss the beautiful journey along the road of life!!

I used to say too many people keep their eyes on the mountain top and where they are going and just don't enjoy the pleasures of getting to that mountain top!!

I speak all these things from experience because when I was young, that is how I was. Always wanting to rush to get to a certain place in life or get finished with that project. Then before I knew it, those moments were gone and I missed to smell some of the beautiful roses during that venture! That moment is gone forever, but I plan to not miss the beauty God puts before me now and in the future!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


I have not felt very well this week so I didn't get to do my usual things like sewing for my website, but God sent some special touches to light up my life.

I went outside and looked on the ground and finally found the first fall leaf and it was even red. I got so excited that I shouted! I am not sure where it came from because all the trees are still covered in green leaves, but maybe God had an angel drop it in my yard because he knew how good it would make me feel. I love fall and I look so forward to it. We don't get much cold weather here in Texas so even when 50 degrees comes we think it is winter!

This morning that is what happened. A cool front came in and it was 50 degrees. My husband woke me up and told me that he had lit the new chiminea that he bought for my prayer garden and to come out and drink coffee. So for over an hour we sat there enjoying the cold weather by the fire and watching for any birds or squirrels that might come by. My husband loves so many simple things in life and I do too. It doesn't take much to entertain us.
We sat there for the longest time thanking God for his goodness in our life and praying for all our family and friends.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who takes so much pleasure in the small things in life, like lighting a fire for me outside in my screened in building that is my prayer garden, and bringing me home flowers from Walmart like he did this week when I felt so bad. He enjoys watching the birds in the yard among the trees, and just riding around in the woods to see if we can see any deer etc.

Tonight we did just that after supper, we got in the car and rode around the area in the wooded subdivisions to see what we could see. We both shouted when we saw 3 deer in the woods.
So God kissed us several times today!

I hope our children and grandchildren will value like we do, the simple things in life as being the greatest gifts God gives. He reaches down and blesses us with just the simple things in life.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Proverbs 17:6 says “ Children’s children are a crown to the aged”.

All I can say is yes they are and what we have invested in them will go to the next generation.

I also know the Word of God says that children are our reward from God on this earth. We have been rewarded greatly because our children have truely been our blessing. But when it comes to grandchildren, it is just overwhelming to know that they are our Crown!

We have been so blessed to have children and grandchildren who have never given us a heart break in our life. Some trying moments, but no heartaches. They are our friends and we are so happy whenever we get to spend time with them.

Friends SAY they will be there for you in time of need, but family WILL be there for you in times of need. I am so thankful for ours.

We enjoyed so much having our 2 granddaughters come to visit for 3 days, and of course Pawpaw loves doing for them. We even went shopping a couple of days which he loves. He is the perfect father and grandfather for girls. I don’t think he likes to shop as much as he likes just buying things for them. We got to meet my oldest daughter at the mall 1 1/2 hours from us and she spent girl time with us too. We all had a pedicure. So it was some great girl time!

But I treasure most the time I got mainly to spend showing them how to make some of our generational family recipes like homemade biscuits, and chicken and dumplins and more.

My granddaughters are already such wonderful cooks and have been cooking since they could get in the kitchen. But I wanted to take time to do this with them for memory sake. I did not get to have much time with my grandmother because she died of cancer when I was a young teen. I miss her but I have never forgotten her words of wisdom that directed me all my life.

We miss our little angels who went on back home today, but thank God for cell phones where we can talk often!

I so enjoyed the girl time! Now Pawpaw is waiting for hunting season so he can spend some guy time with the boys!

Once you have children, your heart never belongs to you again!

Sunday, October 11, 2009





It is so easy this day and time to just go to the store and buy packaged items, pies, and even frozen cookie dough etc. But there is nothing quite as good as making it homemade with love!

Saturday, October 3, 2009



My husband and I were so blessed to

have some time with our 2 youngest grandson's for a couple of days. It feels so great to smell the fragrance of a 2 month old baby, and also to sit in the floor and play with a 2 1/2 year old little boy. It just doesn't last long enough no matter how long we have with them.

I had to say goodbye to them again today, and it was so hard!! It doesn't get easier as time goes on either. God blessed us with wonderful girls many years ago, and we always have so much fun together!! They brought us so much joy all our life, and they still do. Our blessings multiplied over the years with son-in-laws, and grandchildren and they just keep coming!

Even having silly girl time together no matter what age we are is still so much fun. Sometimes I hate that modern life separates families by so many miles. But prosperity brings sacrifices I guess.

I do thank God for the beautiful blooms in our life's garden that we see in our children's lives, smiles, laughter, joy, and achievements. I want always to take time to see the beauty of them and smell the fragrances! We must never get to busy in life. We all need to take time to smell the roses!!

Friday, September 18, 2009


It felt so good to finally get my beautiful prayer garden screened building restored again after Ike. After 2 days of working hard to clean it out and throw away the things Ike destroyed, my hubby and I got to sit in there this morning, listen to the waterfall, pray, watch the beautiful humming birds, and just think of all the goodness of God.

Of course almost all our plants are gone after 11 months of no care with our being displaced, but next Spring we will work on that. Right now, I am happy to be able to be inside there again. My Dad built that building 20 years ago. Little did he know that one day it would be my prayer garden and my favorite place to be.

The only bad thing is that now I have a hard time getting back to my sewing again! Today at a resale shop, I found 2 beautiful tea cups shaped like flower blooms, so I will put them out there to drink my tea out of.
I plan to get me a scentsy burner from http:/ so I can burn flower fragrances, for truely "one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth"!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Donated Item

Seems like I have more fun making and donating items than I do selling them on Here is a quilt that I just finished to donate to an organization that collects baby blankets for soldiers babies. It is for a little girl. The back has Teddy Bear Paper Dolls on it.
My embroidery machine might have gotten stolen, but God spared my sewing machine, and I am enjoying using it. One day my embroidery machine will be restored. I just have to trust God for that, and pray God convicts the heart of the one who took it. When they took it, they were taking away blessings for others, because I donate so many things that I make or give them for gifts. But that is ok, just as I said before "When life gives you scraps, you just make quilts". Something good comes out of everything!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


We are finally moved in and settled. All we have to do is get our patio painted and repaired and then work on cleaning up the yard some. I need to get some new plants etc planted since we lost all ours due to Ike. God even gave me a nice sewing room so I can have plenty of room to create more things for the soldiers or my website. I love my huge kitchen. I dreamed of one this large when I was baking all the cookies for the military. I can hardly wait for winter so I can bake again.

We got the garage and prayer garden painted to match the house. It all looks so good. Even realized the color of the house is the same color as our automobile. How funny! Now we can settle down and get back in gear of things. We are so thankful for our children who helped us through this 11 month hardship in our life. We are blessed to have such wonderful children!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Today I got an email from the soldier that I had made a quilt for while he was in Iraq serving our country. That was 2 winters ago. He came back to states but is going again. My heart is touched by our heroes who serve so much. I will start praying again for him now in advance.
This reminds me that I need to start another quilt soon for another soldier.
It is so nice how you can build relationships with these young men even when you have never seen them in person. May God Bless our Young Men and Women Serving!!
Here is a copy of his email:

"Hi MawMaw Lillian!
We're getting ready to deploy to Iraq again in October. Should only be over there a year. Possibly even shorter. They're still talking about all American forces being out of Iraq by next August. Although we could have to stay over there to "close up shop", sort of; make sure sure the Iraqis are able to run things on their own before we leave. I still have the quilt you sent me last time and plan on taking it with me cor a second tour in Iraq. I may sew some combat stripes onto it, to make it official. :)
I'm glad to hear that y'all were able to move back home. Hopefully by now things are more settled. It will feel nice, I know, once you get everything completely moved in.

Once I get to Iraq I will be sure to send y'all my mailing address. That won't be for quite a while, though. We don't leave untill mid-October."
Love, Jimmey

Thursday, August 27, 2009

2nd Slipper for the Pink Slipper Project

I just finished the second slipper for the PINK SLIPPER PROJECT. Check out the website.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pink Slipper Project

I completed my first pair of Pink Slipper Project slippers today. Tomorrow I create another one that will be different since I do not create anything alike.
Of course these are rag slippers made of denim. What else would I start on first!? I love denim.
Come back later to see what the other pairs will look like. I know there are many creative people out there!!! Check out the Pink Slipper Project and see how you can help even if you don't sew.


Well, as of August 3rd, we got to sleep inside our new home. We were without furnishings for awhile until we got it all moved in. It took us 3 weeks working in the heat, but we did it, thanks to some of our children.
I will try to post pictures soon.
Today, I am working on the PINK SLIPPER PROJECT. I finally got to sew and I am so happy. It has been over a year since I have been able to sit at a machine and sew. Today it is my therapy!

I was sad to find out that my embroidery machine was stolen from where it was stored, but Praise God He did spare my sewing machine so I could work on this project. I will just wait on God and hopefully my embroidery machine will be restored soon.

Be sure and check out the PINK SLIPPER PROJECT. It is a wonderful thing to be part of!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Blessing!

The Blessings just keep coming!!
This month God blessed us with another sweet grandson, and of course his big brother had to be cuddled and wrapped in a blanket too as Mammaw held them both at the hospital!
We spent some wonderful time with them for a couple of weeks, but was so sad when we had to leave today to head back home. Needless to say, I cry when I have to kiss them and say goodbye.
The little grandchildren keep us feeling young. My husband and I even went outside to help Big brother fly his airplane.
That brings back so many memories when I played with my other grandsons who are now in their 20's. I was grandmother in 1981 when I was 35 years old, and thought it was the greatest thing in the world and I still do!! The hardest part is being separated from them with so many miles between us.
We are heading back to Texas and hopefully by next weekend will be back in our new home after 11 months of living with the children when Ike destroyed ours. It has been an adventure.
God is good to us to give us such great blessings with our grandchildren! Now we have 7.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Memories

Today I was a little sad when I thought back over the years of how fast time has passed by! It just seems like yesterday when my husband and I took our 3 girls to watch fireworks in our home town. That was such a special event for us and my husband enjoyed it so much. It was just a tradition on the 4th to go see the fireworks.

As years passed and they grew up, the Lord allowed us to live close to grandchildren and we got that opportunity with our grandsons and granddaughters! Sometimes I long for those days to be here again! We blink and those years are gone!

I was blessed this year to spend time with 2 of our daughters and our 2 granddaughters, but it would have been so nice to have our middle daughter with us too but she lives out of State. Soon we will see her again. She is expecting her second child, another sweet boy! We can now re-live some things with her 2 boys that we did with our now grown grandchildren, but I am so afraid to blink!! It might all be over! When we are young we do not realize how much we need to capture the moment!!!
During this trial of our life of having to live with our children while waiting for a home, God has blessed us with time with our children. Those things are priceless!!!