Friday, August 28, 2009


Today I got an email from the soldier that I had made a quilt for while he was in Iraq serving our country. That was 2 winters ago. He came back to states but is going again. My heart is touched by our heroes who serve so much. I will start praying again for him now in advance.
This reminds me that I need to start another quilt soon for another soldier.
It is so nice how you can build relationships with these young men even when you have never seen them in person. May God Bless our Young Men and Women Serving!!
Here is a copy of his email:

"Hi MawMaw Lillian!
We're getting ready to deploy to Iraq again in October. Should only be over there a year. Possibly even shorter. They're still talking about all American forces being out of Iraq by next August. Although we could have to stay over there to "close up shop", sort of; make sure sure the Iraqis are able to run things on their own before we leave. I still have the quilt you sent me last time and plan on taking it with me cor a second tour in Iraq. I may sew some combat stripes onto it, to make it official. :)
I'm glad to hear that y'all were able to move back home. Hopefully by now things are more settled. It will feel nice, I know, once you get everything completely moved in.

Once I get to Iraq I will be sure to send y'all my mailing address. That won't be for quite a while, though. We don't leave untill mid-October."
Love, Jimmey

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