Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Little About Me!

Just in case you wonder about me, here is some things of my heart and desires:

My life is simple. I want to love, live, laugh, do for others, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ in whatever He desires. He is my life and the greatest love of my life.
I want my life to be an example of Jesus's love in action and not just words.
I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 8 years old and surrendered my life to full service for him when I was 12 years old, and have walked with Him ever since. Everyday with Jesus just gets better.

The Lord is my strength through the trials and the storms of life. He has never failed me. He has given me all the promises of the Word of God and I study them and believe in them. He has promised me salvation, health, wisdom, and much more. Without Him, I can do nothing!

He gave me a wonderful husband when I was 18 years old who treats me like a queen, and 3 beautiful daughters who have blessed my life greatly. I have 5 wonderful grandsons, and 2 beautiful granddaughters, and 1 beautiful great-granddaughter, and I pray that the heritage of the Lord that I will leave with them will carry them through life here and in the here-after.

I am so grateful for the talents the Lord has given me and I want to use them to benefit others. I love sewing for others, charities, and giving to the less fortunate.

I enjoy life to the fullest because Jesus said that "he came to give us life more abundantly and enjoyable" even on this earth. Recently I joined the Red Hat Society just to have fun, connect, share, bless, and let the young girl inside me stay free!

I love to spend lots of time in prayer and God has called me to be intercessor for many. God blessed me with a wonderful prayer garden building that I spend lots of time in. I enjoy my moments with God in prayer and worship more than anything else in my life.

I enjoy every moment of my life because life is a gift from God, and since my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, I try hard to take good care of it not to harm it. I try to obey his word in how to eat proper food for health and healing. I plan to live a long prosperous life as He promises in His Word.

I desire to live my life in such a way that those who don't know Christ will come to know Christ because they know me and I pray everyday for those who don't know Him because they do not know what they have missed. I am so grateful that the Lord called me when I was 8 years old and I chose to surrender.

I have served in many positions in church over the years and planted much seed. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength, but my first and greatest ministry is that of being wife and mother and I never lost sight of that.
My greatest desire is one day to hear my Saviour say "Well done thy good and faithful servant".

Most of all, I truly know who I am because of the Great I AM that I know and serve!

Baby Quilt Finished

This months baby quilt donation is now complete! It will be given to a hospital baby.

I made this one with material on the back that has hand and foot prints on it. I machine embroidered hand prints and foot prints on pockets that I sewed on the top of the quilt. It will be taken to our Hook and Needle Club meeting in February. Hopefully, I can get another one made by then. I am working at a slower pace now since I am not seeing well with these glasses. I am waiting patiently for my new pair of contacts and glasses.
Say a prayer that I can complete a second quilt before the meeting.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, this was the day for our Red Hat Luncheon, but this time we reversed our colors. Purple hat and red clothes. So I put up my Red hat and got out the purple one.
We do this on anniversary month of the Chapter, the anniversary month of the RED HAT SOCIETY, and our birthday month. So I will be wearing purple hats in January, April, and July. Guess I need to stock up on purple hats too! LOL

The only purple hat I owned was the western one, so I dressed western today. We had a great time eating lunch at a local restaurant, laughing, sharing and talking for 2 hours. I was appointed by our Chapter Queen, as our Chapter Chaplain, so I said the blessing over the food today. I was so honored. God knows that is my hearts desire.

As you can see in the photos, I had my glasses on which I can't even see well out of since they are so old. I had trouble with my contact lenses last week and the doctor examined my eyes and has me another pair on order. The old contacts were damaged.

So in the meantime, I am having to try to see from these old glasses. So a day of fun today took away some of the frustrations from not being able to see well.

Red Hatters are planning to go to a Tea Room in March and I can hardly wait for that event. I love tea and tea rooms. Guess I need to make me a Tea Room Party Dress and Hat.

Well, Shabby Denim Rose had her fun for the month, so now back to work.! I am working on a baby denim quilt for the Hook n Needle Club meeting coming up. That quilt will be given to the hospital to give to some newborn baby. I made 3 small fleece blankets last month, but this month, I cut out some denim squares to make a quilt. Pictures will be shown on next post when completed.
Until then have a blessed month.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I knew that Shabby Denim Rose would not die!
Shabby Denim Rose is now my Red Hatter Name! No longer am I JUST Lillian Isabelle while on the Red Hat adventures but Shabby Denim Rose! I know that name must live on! Now my love is now for Red or Purple roses!
I recently joined the wonderful world of fun in old age The Red Hat Society and I am having a fun time! Only age 50 or above can wear a red hat which is an honor saved for the benefit of the aging. The ladies ages 21 through 49 years old have to wear pink hats.

This is the first time in my life that I have ever been part of anything that just has a great time and no work, and no requirements except to bling all you want and wear your red hat and purple clothes with pride. It is all about, fun, friendship, caring, and being free to be yourself.

The big hat pictured above was a simple one sent for me to decorate when I first joined. And decorate it I did with what I could find in my sewing room! I had the honor to wear it to my Red Hat Christmas Party and won the Beautiful Hat Prize.

Then another hat was the one I wore on the day, I went to go see my precious newborn first great granddaughter Sophia Isabella, who was named after my middle name Isabelle. Of course I had to wear my hat to greet her!

When my husband and I went to a family outing at the zoo during cold weather, of course I also pulled out another red hat and scarf to keep me warm!

Next week I will attend a lunch with the Red Hat Chapter I am in. This time I will wear my purple denim jeans, shirt, purple rose earrings, and Red Hat yet to be seen! Pictures will follow later. FUN! FUN! FUN! Who said old age is boring!?

There is always room for red hats and purple clothes in my closet! Loving this new SHABBY DENIM ROSE! It is great getting old and knowing that you can have the freedom to be yourself and just have fun after all these years of serving others, taking care of family and doing for others! Of course those things still reside in my life but I am in the season now of some me time! Come join the Red Hat Society! Check it out! You will love it.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This new issue of the Shabby Lane Shops has arrived and it is a beautiful issue. Be sure you get yours! click here to order your issue.

While at Shabby Lane Shops online mall you can visit the beautiful shops also. This was the online mall that Shabby Denim Rose belonged too and it is wonderful. So many beautiful shops, easy shopping and free stuff too!

I wrote many articles for the past issues of the Shabby Lane Shops magazines, so order some past issues too if you forgot to get yours. During these cold winter days it is so nice to relax and read and also shop online instead of fighting the crowds at the malls.
Happy New Year and enjoy your winter!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shabby Denim Rose Has Retired!

Well here it is now January 1, 2012. Changes and New Beginnings in so many ways! Excitement in the air everywhere! Another year to do and be all that we can be!

Several months ago the Lord spoke to my heart that it was time to retire my website Shabby Denim Rose and spend more time SMELLING THE ROSES! More time with children, grandchildren, and now a great granddaughter. I am even planning a spring tea party for the girls in the family. Memories to cherish! Life is so short so we should make everyday special and full of memories. Today I realize that even more, since I lost my special childhood friend and cousin who was 5 years younger than I am. We don't have time in life to live in regrets.

I will continue the talents the Lord has given to me of sewing and crocheting, but I will broaden now to sewing more for charity work. That has been my heart all my life and what I love to do most. I began my first denim quilts in 1981 when I made them for teen boys in our neighborhood. Then I was hooked on denim. I love sewing with it. In my heart I will always be Shabby Denim Rose.

I recently joined the Hook n Needle Club in my home town to help make items for the newborn babies at the hospital and also items for children for the Empty Stocking Program.

I recently had the honor of making 2 quilts for teens for The Christmas Stocking program and it thrilled me so much to do this. Pictured above are the quilts. The boys quilt has a pillow to match. The girls has a pillow and a purse to match. The girls quilt also has detailed machine embroidery on it.

I want my quilts to have a special touch of God's love for these teens. God loves them dearly! When I sew these and all my quilts, I pray that the ones who receive them will know the Lord one day, and be covered by God's protection, love, grace, and mercy, and that they will feel that love every time they touch the quilt. So I guess I can call them prayer quilts. I even sing praise songs while sewing them so they are anointed with praise.

Now that Christmas is over, I will be making more quilts through the year for the 2012 Empty Stocking program and baby blankets for the babies at the hospital every month. Oh, how wonderful in old age that we can still be used to help others. That is what we are created for!

(Wait Until you see my next post about my new adventure with the RED HAT SOCIETY!)