Sunday, April 17, 2011


My husband and I keep finding more places to clean up and prepare flower beds. This was my old potting shed that was an eye sore that had piles of limbs, brush, and branches all around. We spent a whole week cleaning it up, burning the limbs, digging, pulling roots, and preparing a cute little flower bed around it. We used an old bird bath fountain that didn't work anymore to put in the middle of the bed and planted impatients in plus other plants in the bed. It is a very shady spot here so it will grow good. We were so excited to see how cute it turned out. Now we are trying to find a white picket fence bench to sit close to it and relax and enjoy the spot.
This Spring fever just goes on! My husband is still not finished. He plans to prepare another bed near the side steps of our home, but I am taking a break for awhile. I hear my sewing room crying too loudly!!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Oh, how beautiful Spring is! The feel in the air of new beginnings just keeps me wanting to go outside, enjoy the sun, and dig in the dirt with my husband! What is so funny about that is that I have never been an outdoors girl! I was always inside doing the housework, sewing, baking or cooking. Even when I was a child I would do the inside chores while my Mom and Dad did the yard work.

Now I love being outside. I just wish that I had of asked my mom questions about flowers, plants and keeping a pretty yard before she passed away. Now, I am just learning by trial and error and some searching.

I thank God for my sweet husband, who is learning with me, and is so willing to dig and plant with me. We inherited my parents property 6 years ago, and it has been a true blessing keeping up the property. Unknown to them, my mom and Dad worked so hard to seed some great things for my husband and my retirement living. We had always lived in apartments so this was new to us. So with 4 lots full of oak trees that shed those leaves, and some shrubs, we stay busy. I have tried to plant a few flower beds, but fighting the heat of Texas summer sun, it is a constant battle to keep them looking nice.

This week after my husband and I spent a whole week raking and burning leaves off the property, we started some flower beds. It might take us a few months to complete, but we are enjoying it so much.

Sometimes I hear my sewing machine crying "Come visit me please, I miss you" but it will just have to wait, because I hear the Springtime calling "Come outside and play". So I will play in the dirt a while longer! Hopefully it will rain soon and I can go outside and dance in the rain!!