Sunday, April 17, 2011


My husband and I keep finding more places to clean up and prepare flower beds. This was my old potting shed that was an eye sore that had piles of limbs, brush, and branches all around. We spent a whole week cleaning it up, burning the limbs, digging, pulling roots, and preparing a cute little flower bed around it. We used an old bird bath fountain that didn't work anymore to put in the middle of the bed and planted impatients in plus other plants in the bed. It is a very shady spot here so it will grow good. We were so excited to see how cute it turned out. Now we are trying to find a white picket fence bench to sit close to it and relax and enjoy the spot.
This Spring fever just goes on! My husband is still not finished. He plans to prepare another bed near the side steps of our home, but I am taking a break for awhile. I hear my sewing room crying too loudly!!

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