Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shabby Denim Rose Has Retired!

Well here it is now January 1, 2012. Changes and New Beginnings in so many ways! Excitement in the air everywhere! Another year to do and be all that we can be!

Several months ago the Lord spoke to my heart that it was time to retire my website Shabby Denim Rose and spend more time SMELLING THE ROSES! More time with children, grandchildren, and now a great granddaughter. I am even planning a spring tea party for the girls in the family. Memories to cherish! Life is so short so we should make everyday special and full of memories. Today I realize that even more, since I lost my special childhood friend and cousin who was 5 years younger than I am. We don't have time in life to live in regrets.

I will continue the talents the Lord has given to me of sewing and crocheting, but I will broaden now to sewing more for charity work. That has been my heart all my life and what I love to do most. I began my first denim quilts in 1981 when I made them for teen boys in our neighborhood. Then I was hooked on denim. I love sewing with it. In my heart I will always be Shabby Denim Rose.

I recently joined the Hook n Needle Club in my home town to help make items for the newborn babies at the hospital and also items for children for the Empty Stocking Program.

I recently had the honor of making 2 quilts for teens for The Christmas Stocking program and it thrilled me so much to do this. Pictured above are the quilts. The boys quilt has a pillow to match. The girls has a pillow and a purse to match. The girls quilt also has detailed machine embroidery on it.

I want my quilts to have a special touch of God's love for these teens. God loves them dearly! When I sew these and all my quilts, I pray that the ones who receive them will know the Lord one day, and be covered by God's protection, love, grace, and mercy, and that they will feel that love every time they touch the quilt. So I guess I can call them prayer quilts. I even sing praise songs while sewing them so they are anointed with praise.

Now that Christmas is over, I will be making more quilts through the year for the 2012 Empty Stocking program and baby blankets for the babies at the hospital every month. Oh, how wonderful in old age that we can still be used to help others. That is what we are created for!

(Wait Until you see my next post about my new adventure with the RED HAT SOCIETY!)

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