Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I knew that Shabby Denim Rose would not die!
Shabby Denim Rose is now my Red Hatter Name! No longer am I JUST Lillian Isabelle while on the Red Hat adventures but Shabby Denim Rose! I know that name must live on! Now my love is now for Red or Purple roses!
I recently joined the wonderful world of fun in old age The Red Hat Society and I am having a fun time! Only age 50 or above can wear a red hat which is an honor saved for the benefit of the aging. The ladies ages 21 through 49 years old have to wear pink hats.

This is the first time in my life that I have ever been part of anything that just has a great time and no work, and no requirements except to bling all you want and wear your red hat and purple clothes with pride. It is all about, fun, friendship, caring, and being free to be yourself.

The big hat pictured above was a simple one sent for me to decorate when I first joined. And decorate it I did with what I could find in my sewing room! I had the honor to wear it to my Red Hat Christmas Party and won the Beautiful Hat Prize.

Then another hat was the one I wore on the day, I went to go see my precious newborn first great granddaughter Sophia Isabella, who was named after my middle name Isabelle. Of course I had to wear my hat to greet her!

When my husband and I went to a family outing at the zoo during cold weather, of course I also pulled out another red hat and scarf to keep me warm!

Next week I will attend a lunch with the Red Hat Chapter I am in. This time I will wear my purple denim jeans, shirt, purple rose earrings, and Red Hat yet to be seen! Pictures will follow later. FUN! FUN! FUN! Who said old age is boring!?

There is always room for red hats and purple clothes in my closet! Loving this new SHABBY DENIM ROSE! It is great getting old and knowing that you can have the freedom to be yourself and just have fun after all these years of serving others, taking care of family and doing for others! Of course those things still reside in my life but I am in the season now of some me time! Come join the Red Hat Society! Check it out! You will love it.

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