Monday, January 23, 2012


Well, this was the day for our Red Hat Luncheon, but this time we reversed our colors. Purple hat and red clothes. So I put up my Red hat and got out the purple one.
We do this on anniversary month of the Chapter, the anniversary month of the RED HAT SOCIETY, and our birthday month. So I will be wearing purple hats in January, April, and July. Guess I need to stock up on purple hats too! LOL

The only purple hat I owned was the western one, so I dressed western today. We had a great time eating lunch at a local restaurant, laughing, sharing and talking for 2 hours. I was appointed by our Chapter Queen, as our Chapter Chaplain, so I said the blessing over the food today. I was so honored. God knows that is my hearts desire.

As you can see in the photos, I had my glasses on which I can't even see well out of since they are so old. I had trouble with my contact lenses last week and the doctor examined my eyes and has me another pair on order. The old contacts were damaged.

So in the meantime, I am having to try to see from these old glasses. So a day of fun today took away some of the frustrations from not being able to see well.

Red Hatters are planning to go to a Tea Room in March and I can hardly wait for that event. I love tea and tea rooms. Guess I need to make me a Tea Room Party Dress and Hat.

Well, Shabby Denim Rose had her fun for the month, so now back to work.! I am working on a baby denim quilt for the Hook n Needle Club meeting coming up. That quilt will be given to the hospital to give to some newborn baby. I made 3 small fleece blankets last month, but this month, I cut out some denim squares to make a quilt. Pictures will be shown on next post when completed.
Until then have a blessed month.

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