Saturday, August 29, 2009


We are finally moved in and settled. All we have to do is get our patio painted and repaired and then work on cleaning up the yard some. I need to get some new plants etc planted since we lost all ours due to Ike. God even gave me a nice sewing room so I can have plenty of room to create more things for the soldiers or my website. I love my huge kitchen. I dreamed of one this large when I was baking all the cookies for the military. I can hardly wait for winter so I can bake again.

We got the garage and prayer garden painted to match the house. It all looks so good. Even realized the color of the house is the same color as our automobile. How funny! Now we can settle down and get back in gear of things. We are so thankful for our children who helped us through this 11 month hardship in our life. We are blessed to have such wonderful children!!

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