Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Donated Item

Seems like I have more fun making and donating items than I do selling them on Here is a quilt that I just finished to donate to an organization that collects baby blankets for soldiers babies. It is for a little girl. The back has Teddy Bear Paper Dolls on it.
My embroidery machine might have gotten stolen, but God spared my sewing machine, and I am enjoying using it. One day my embroidery machine will be restored. I just have to trust God for that, and pray God convicts the heart of the one who took it. When they took it, they were taking away blessings for others, because I donate so many things that I make or give them for gifts. But that is ok, just as I said before "When life gives you scraps, you just make quilts". Something good comes out of everything!

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