Friday, September 18, 2009


It felt so good to finally get my beautiful prayer garden screened building restored again after Ike. After 2 days of working hard to clean it out and throw away the things Ike destroyed, my hubby and I got to sit in there this morning, listen to the waterfall, pray, watch the beautiful humming birds, and just think of all the goodness of God.

Of course almost all our plants are gone after 11 months of no care with our being displaced, but next Spring we will work on that. Right now, I am happy to be able to be inside there again. My Dad built that building 20 years ago. Little did he know that one day it would be my prayer garden and my favorite place to be.

The only bad thing is that now I have a hard time getting back to my sewing again! Today at a resale shop, I found 2 beautiful tea cups shaped like flower blooms, so I will put them out there to drink my tea out of.
I plan to get me a scentsy burner from http:/ so I can burn flower fragrances, for truely "one is nearer God's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth"!!

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