Monday, November 9, 2009


I was so glad this week to see the beautiful Autumn leaves turning colors. There is not a vast amount yet, but at least they are turning more and more each day. Some are even falling on the ground already. Some of my Autumn flowers that my husband brought me a few weeks ago are still beautiful in the vase on my table. God has been good to me. I couldn't believe they have lasted this long!

I love Autumn so very much but it just doesn't last long enough here to suit me. My hubby is already outside raking and burning some leaves. He dreads the falling leaves so much that he doesn't enjoy it like I do. It is breath taking to me and brings back memories of the beautiful colors of autumn leaves we saw in Tennessee last year while living with our daughter and family. I hate that here in Texas we don't have such beauty as that, or at least not where we live.
We got some cool weather last week and got to burn our fireplace some. That was wonderful!!

I just recently made some Autumn quilts and finished a beautiful one today that took me weeks to complete. It brought so much joy to me to just look at it while I was sewing. The top quilted stitches are very decorative and so pretty.

Quilts are very special to me because they remind me how you can take discarded and fragment pieces and make them something so beautiful and so valuable. Just like God does with our lives!!!
I get sad that my husband dreads Autumn so much and wants it to pass so quickly and the leaves be all gone. He is missing some great beauty in life.

Then God reminds me that is what so many people do with things in their lives too many times. They want to rush through the moment, trial, or chore, and just get to the destination and finished product. Then they miss the beautiful journey along the road of life!!

I used to say too many people keep their eyes on the mountain top and where they are going and just don't enjoy the pleasures of getting to that mountain top!!

I speak all these things from experience because when I was young, that is how I was. Always wanting to rush to get to a certain place in life or get finished with that project. Then before I knew it, those moments were gone and I missed to smell some of the beautiful roses during that venture! That moment is gone forever, but I plan to not miss the beauty God puts before me now and in the future!!

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