Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What A Blessing I got Today!!!

No I did not sell anything on my website!

I got up this morning and read my email and was so blessed!!! I recieved 2 emails from 2 soldiers from a whole platoon in Iraq that I had written and baked cookies for. I have never met them, but just know they need our encouragement.

One of the soldiers emailed to thank me and asked me if I could make and send to his wife a baby quilt. He is sad and so is she that he will not be home from Iraq for his son's birth soon. He wanted to do something special. Oh what a joy to give something back to someone who has sacrificed so much for our freedom! I am so thankful that I was chosen to do this to bless that precious family.

My desire for my website http://www.shabbydenimrose.com/ was to make money to help support our troops anyway. So maybe God is just going to let me bless them with my handmade items. His ways are above our ways!
I hope your day was as blessed as mine!