Monday, May 26, 2008

Scraps & Denim To the Rescue Again!

These last few days have been very rough on me since I got back home from my beach vacation with my 3 daughters and some of their family members. Daily I go look at the beach display that I made from the sand and shells that I got from the beach. It reminds me of the great feeling I had when I was with them. I miss them so much! I believe that a mothers heart is always with her children, no matter how old they get or how far away they live. You just don't feel normal until you are with them. It is so lonely and quiet here at home with just my husband and I.
It was also such a joy to spend a lot of time with my precious 16 month old grandson too and watch him enjoy all the new adventures of the beach and all. He is growing up fast and I want to seize every moment with him. I have grown grandsons also, and those younger years with them just went by too fast.
After a few days of feeling low and struggling trying to get back to a regular routine of life, I decided to get back into my sewing room today. The temperature has been around 100 degrees and so hot outside! Other than my prayer garden, my sewing room is another place of quiet for me and a time to talk to God while I sew. For a change, this time I decided to make something for myself. I needed a curtain for my sewing room entrance door, so I decided to create one with denim and scraps of course to match my website! (This is what I always tried to do all my life. If I needed something, instead of going to town to buy, I tried to create it! This day and time that is the wisest thing to do anyway).
It took me nearly all day to create what I wanted with all the embroidery on the denim pockets, but I think it is kind of cute. Since the material was reversable, on the other side I made a valance with 2 rose embroideried pockets on it. So, now it is a double curtain!!! It is functional and cute from both sides. It is nothing fancy but does serve the purpose and it is just my style! (Denim, Roses, and Lace). It goes also with my denim sewing room. I even embroideried the name Shabby Denim Rose on 2 pockets on the curtain.
So my sewing machine and denim brought me joy again, and God and I had a long talk today! Again I say, there is always beauty and joy in scraps in life!
Now that project is over, I hope to get to embroidery some roses etc on some of my old denim shirts soon, then it will look like I went shopping again!!!