Monday, June 2, 2008

Another month! Another Blessing!

Well, here it is another month gone. The weather is so hot here and only the first part of June!! It feels like mid-summer. Staying inside most of the day seems to be all we can do now since the humidity and heat is so bad. It isn't even Summer yet!
I am so thankful that I was blessed with a nice sewing machine that I have to keep me busy while inside. Last week, I spent several days dressing up and re-doing 2 of my denim shirts. I am still trying to find supplies to finish one of them.

Now I am in the middle of the project of making the Cooling NeckBands for the Troops. It is so hot for them right now, and I want to give them some relief.
I got a surprise email last week from one of my men that I had never met or even knew if he got any of my things that I sent him. I always sign everything I do as Mammaw Lillian. So I am Mammaw to many. It doesn't even matter if I never hear from them. I will just keep on doing it but I was so blessed to see that he was touched. It makes it all it worth while. I just wish that I could do for all the heroes out there. They are so special!
Here is the letter he sent me:

Mammaw Lillian,

I'm Alexander. Your husband met my mother at the post office while she was waiting to send me a package, and after that you started sending cookies and letters to me and my unit. I didn't get the opportunity to write you while I was there, but I wanted to send an e-mail now to let you know that you made a difference. My company knew who you were. We would share the cookies when they came in the mail. Your letters and packages made me happy. It's hard to describe what it's like over there. Sometimes it's hard to breathe because it feels like everything you know and care about, your life, is slipping away from you. Despite the similarities, the distance has a different quality than being out of sight and earshot of the people you love. You are away from them in both situations, but there's a kind of finality when you say 'goodbye' and go to war instead of work or home. After that, I tried to convince myself that they weren't already moving on, but I couldn't. You sent me more mail than most of my immediate family. You took the time to put packages together for me and my company. It kept our spirits high and helped remind me that there are still people that care enough about us to try to make things better. I'm grateful, and I'll never forget the time and effort you invested in me. Thank you. Be safe, Mammaw.