Saturday, June 28, 2008

Missed one of my soldiers

I am trusting that everyone is enjoying the Summer so far! I just got back from a trip to visit my daughter's 3 dogs! My hubby and I kept them for a week while the family went on vacation to New York City. God gives us all kinds of opportunities to bless others!
I was sad though to find out that while I was gone, I missed meeting one of my special soldiers. He came to my church to meet me. He was home on leave from Iraq and wanted to come meet me in person and thank me for the quilt that I made him while he was in Iraq and mailed to him. He did tell my Pastor that he would return before he had to go back to his base because he had to meet me.
So now I am anxiously waiting each church service to see if he will walk in, although I don't even know yet what he looks like. His home town is 75 miles away. I guess in God's perfect timing, I will meet him. But it was such a blessing just to know that he wanted to meet me and to know that another one has made it back to U.S. safe!
Next week, I finish the rest of the cooling neckties for the soldiers, then I will begin to make another quilt.