Thursday, May 15, 2008

The small treasures of Life!

This morning as I sat outside watching the birds and enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I started thinking about lifes treasures and what stirs us! Some get excited over the great things that come their way, others over the small things. How many times have you picked up a penny or nickle on the ground and got excited and felt blessed, while others passed it by thinking "that is not worth anything this day ". It is nice they leave it there for those who really appreciate those things. I have found in life, when you appreciate the small things, God just keeps enlarging your territory! I have been blessed in life with the small things and I am thankful.
I wrote in my journal while sitting outside about my love for the denim scraps that I use to make my quilts. I enjoy doing those so much and just can hardly wait to start another one. Here lately with the rush of getting things done for Spring and Summer and getting ready for vacation, I had to set the scraps aside. It grieved me some to put away my sewing machine for awhile.
I want so much to make all my grandchildren a denim quilt before I die. I have 3 more left to do and seems like time is running out. I pray for strength and scraps everyday to be able to complete those plans.
I made a queen size denim quilt for a friend for a wedding gift once and wrote this note with it:
"Congratulations on your Wedding.
May God Bless you in this new journey in life
as you serve the Lord together.
Here is a special gift that I made you with lots of love.
It is a Love Quilt.
As you look at this scrap denim quilt let it always remind you that at times in the future life might throw you lots of scraps. Do not see it as waste, just thank God, make the best of it, and make a quilt with those scraps in life. That way you have gained a valuable possession. There is good in everything that comes your way.
Let it also remind you that in life you most likely will find flaws, and irregularities, but remember that everything can always be patched and mended by the Word and God.
Do not ever forget that Love never fails and it covers a multitude of things!"

Most people don't get excited over denim like I do. But there is just something about it that I love. Maybe it is because I never got to wear it as a child. I really don't know. Most people, woman or man have some type of denim items, but probably none have as many items of denim in their home as I do. I really don't know why I am so stirred. But I did discover that it makes the warmest quilts in the winter that I have. I love using mine all winter on my bed. Denim quilts also remind me of some things of life as I wrote in the note above. I think we need things in our life to help us remember to appreciate the small things in life and how pretty the scraps can become when it is put in the hands of the creator.

Hope you have a blessed day as you look around and appreciate the small treasures of life!