Friday, May 23, 2008

Family Time

Today I think back over the years that went by so fast, and I praise God for all the blessings that He gave me in my 3 precious girls and now my precious son-in-laws and grandchildren. I was blessed with the greatest husband any woman could ask for, so I have been double blessed in life.

Our family is our best friends and we miss them terribly when they are not around. They have blessed us even now with this wonderful vacation to a beautiful beach.
I think over the years when our girls were little and about how we did not get to do much for them materially like we really wanted to. We didn't even take much of a vacation at all, but one thing we did was invest our time into them and tried to make what we did have seem like much and lots of fun . But most of all we directed them toward heaven through Jesus and to walk with God.
I read once that the greatest gift God can give you is your children, and the greatest responsibilty He puts in your hands is the care of their souls. When you are old then nothing else that you have ever done on this earth matters.
That is so true! The older I get the more I even realize it.
I have been a Assistant Bookkeeper at a Hospital, A Care minister at a church, a supervisior in a Christian School, and a friend and prayer warrior praying for everyones families. But the greatest position in my life was being a housewife and a mother and a grandmother, trying to instill the Word of God in them, and the things that really matter in life. I would not have traded the highest pay job in the world for it. It was trying at times, but it was worth it!