Saturday, May 2, 2009


Recently on our trip back from Tennessee to our daughters in Texas, we stopped over in our home town, so we could go back to our property to reminisce and take a few pictures. That was very hard on us to walk through it again. It all brought back so many memories.
Although the yard is so messy right now, to us it still was a place of beauty! Our old garden even had a few flowers trying to bloom. That reminded us of new life and made us smile!! With tears in our eyes, we thanked God for His goodness even in the midst of the storm.
One day all things will be restored to us!! Once we get to move back to our property we will have months of work ahead of us to get things looking nice again.
The old damaged house is about to be removed from the property, and we hope to have a new one on there by July.
Before we left we decided to have a picnic lunch there. That brought back so many memories. Then we were on the road again back to live with our youngest daughter in Texas.
One day we will call this little country town home again! Until then we will just enjoy the goodness of God wherever we are! For God is always good to His children. We just have to learn to see beauty in the valley until He restores all things. HE IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER.