Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeling Hopeful

It has been a few months since I wrote last. We are still without a home but things are looking up. We are waiting for a large double wide mobile home to be manufactured for us, and hopefully will be back to our home town in Texas by July.

It has been a long valley, but we are thankful for the children that we have to live with. We spent time with all 3 of our daughters and their family and we feel very blessed. Our little 2 year old grandson is really growing and he will have a new baby brother in July. We are with him now in Tennessee and enjoying lots of play time with him. We even went to Chuckee Cheese with him!!!
We will be back in Corpus Christi soon to live with the youngest daughers family. I enjoy the girl time with the teenage granddaughters. They are good at giving pedicures and shopping!!! They even have 4 sweet dogs that I enjoy loving on too.

I am hoping to get my website back up soon and maybe sell a few things. I had to lay all that to rest when Hurricane Ike came through and decided to destroy our home. But it did not destroy my dreams and ministries, it just rested them for awhile.

Spring in the air just gives hope of new life everywhere!!