Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dreaming of a Home after IKE!

Since Hurricane Ike destroyed our home in Texas, we have been living 3 1/2 months in Tennessee with my middle daughter and family. Rough valley, but joy in the valley watching our youngest grandson grow and learn so much while there! As pictures revealed, God provided so much variety for us there even through the trials. I even got to see snow! I have dreamed of snow since a child. It was cold but fun! Definately a Kiss From God!!
Now we are back in Texas living with my youngest daughter and family, waiting, dreaming, and believing for a home. I miss so much the ministries that I had with the troops, and children's ministry, and most of all my prayer garden. Shabby Denim Rose website is even "no more" because I had to give it up due to the hurricane.
At times I wonder what our next home will look like. I want a sewing room again to make quilts for my soldiers, a big kitchen to bake cookies for the troops, and a study to spend time in my books, prayer, and Bible study.
I believe in miracles and blessings, and I believe in the God who provides both!! I also believe that God never takes away without giving better. So even when things look dim, I will believe "He will make a way when there seems to be no way!" Fema did nothing, and Insurance did us not much good, but it is not in Fema or Insurance that I trust, it is in the Lord God that I trust!! I wait very excited now knowing in due season my home will come!! Then I know also that my home in heaven will even be better one day when that time comes! For God has gone before me to prepare a place for both!!