Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time Out!!!

I got up this morning ready to finish my next quilt to put on my website, then I looked outside at all my flower beds and I decided it will have to wait.
I planted flowers around my prayer garden building last week, and now they have grown so much since this picture was taken. So I am off the machine and out in the yard today. It is finally a beautiful nice comfortable day.
I get so amazed how beautiful the flowers look and grow in just one week. Soon my husband and I will put our hands to trying to grow vegetables in our big garden way out back.
Hope you are enjoying Spring as much as I do. Sewing is good for too cold, hot or rainy days, but the outside is calling me today. Signs of new life everywhere. A hummingbird came to my porch, and blue birds to our house we put up. God gives so much to enjoy.
I have got to get outside with my husband. He is raking leaves today and putting them in our compost pile.
Have a great Spring everyone!