Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter Of yesterdays

Hello, most people call me Mammaw Lillian

Here I am starting my first blogs. I feel so blessed today on this celebration of resurrection day!

Today is Easter and it is so quiet around here. I had a great day in church, with a surprise visit from our oldest daughter and son-in-law. They walked into church and surprised me. My husband was a sneak! He knew all about them coming. After a lunch together and short visit they traveled back home to do their routine things of life. I was so touched that they traveled 2 hours to spend time with us. Our 2 other girls live too far for a trip.

Easter time at this age of my life is not like it used to be. I remember the days of fixing Easter baskets for all my precious girls, and later grandkids, baking sugar cookies with their handprints, and dyeing and hiding eggs over and over for them. When it rained, we hid them inside. I always made my girls their Easter Bonnets, dresses, and purses. I loved to sew all my life, as you can read from my website on the about me page. I enjoyed the creative power that the Lord put inside of me when He created me. We just never know what we can do until we try.

I have been blessed with such a wonderful family, but most of them are all adults now and live so far away. Thank God for the memories of sweet times when they were little. Those memories never leave us. Our little ones still bring us such joy as adults. We have invested into their lives in so many ways, and it feels so good to see that investment pay off when I watch each one of them.

We adore our youngest grandson now who is 14 months old. Since he lives 12 hours away from us, we just don't get to spend time with him much. I was so spoiled with my other grandchildren. I got to see them nearly everyday. Thank God for webcam so I can see him at least over the computer!

I am amazed at the inventions of today with computers and all the things you can do. But wouldn't it be nice, if we could invent something to let us go back to those years when our children were so tiny. In those days a lot of times we rushed through them so fast to get through the trials and we forgot to enjoy the journey. We blink our eyes and then it is over! Our kids are gone. That is why I told my daughters to enjoy where you are! It will be gone and you will wonder where did it go?
We have only one life to live, and only have this moment while it is here. When it is past it is gone! We must make it count. Just as I always said, we can always work, go to school, and do lots of things all our life, but we only have one chance to raise our kids and seed into them what God intended.
I am so glad that I invested time into my kids, and now in old age, I can do, work, play, and even sew and sell my handcrafts. Life has been good for me, and yes my children are my reward in old age!