Saturday, July 24, 2010

I might get addicted to scrapbooking!

Today, I left my sewing machine for a few hours to go help a scrap booking group make some cards to mail in the packages we send to our troops once a month. It will be a set of 6-8 cards so they would have some cards to send to family and friends. We are making a variety of cards for them such as: hello, miss you, thinking of you, Christmas etc.

That was the first time I really learned anything about doing any kind of scrap booking ideas. I had a blast and might really get addicted to it. We will meet again next week to make more. We got 300 made today.

I think now after doing this, I decided to join the scrapbooking club that meets once a month to scrapbook etc. It should be fun and another way for me to learn something new. I sure don't need anymore projects to do at all, but there is just something inside of me always wanting to create and to learn something new.

My next big sewing project will be to make another quilt for a soldier and mail it to him to keep warm this winter in Iraq etc. The last one that I made and mailed to a soldier was used during 2 deployments and he loves it.


  1. It is SO easy to get addicted to's like playtime for me! That is a great thing you did for the soldiers. God bless!

  2. Lillian, you look so pretty!, Those are great cards! What a nice thing to do!. Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my publishing joy!
    Those were the kindest words and i really appreciate it!


  3. Hi Lillian, You are an angel to do all you do for our heros serving for us! Scrap booking is so much fun because all of your creativeness comes out. I did scrapbooks for the boys when they both graduated and then one wedding scrapbook. Even though they are guys they loved them. I read the Shabby Lane Shops blog and it looks like the birthday boy had a great time along with all his family. xoxo Lynn