Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Mother's Heart Hurts!

Today I cry again because my oldest (20 year old) granddaughter miscarried her baby after 9 weeks of carrying it. Only mothers who have experienced that heartbreak know how it really feels no matter what the circumstance is. She and her husband suffer greatly, but she is so strong! To watch her Praise Him In The Storm blesses my heart. This is their 3rd loss! How Hard!!! I lost only one and it hurt so much!!!

She has the sweetest spirit and always has. She has been hurt many times but so forgiving and so much faith in God that He will make it alright!

Her mother told her "When I grow up, I want to be just like you because you are so strong!"

All I can say is "Greater the trials, greater the reward and blessings"! This valley too soon shall pass. May God bless her greatly, and her children will rise up one day and call her blessed! One day my little sweetheart will recieve a real crown from our precious Lord for her sweet attitude in these trials of life! Oh My Precious Lord, comfort her greatly today!