Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, Hurricane Ike got our home, but he did not get our lives!! We went to Tennessee to be with our daughter during the storm when the Lord told us to leave.

A tree fell on my double wide mobile home right in the bedroom! We most likely would have been killed. Needless to say I was in a state of shock at first, but after all, all that I have belongs to the Lord anyway. I will go salvage all that I can and live with our daughter for awhile.

Although I do grieve some that I will not get to sew for months and won't be able to make my Marine a quilt this winter as planned, I will just go on and Praise Him because He had other plans for my life. This is just another "When life gives you scraps just make a quilt" in my life.

I will be able to live with my daughter and keep my little grandson for a few months while she works. So scraps again can be turned into blessings!!! My sweet grandbaby brings so much joy to our lives. I need those moments of joy through these moments of tears right now through this storm of my life.

So far as I have heard the Lord spared all of our neighbors, friend's,and children's lives and homes! So He is a good God!