Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Highlight of My Life.

This past week was our regular HOOK N NEEDLE CLUB MEETING and it is one of the great highlights of my life. I completed this smaller version of the quilt that I had made, so that made 2 quilts to take this month to the club to be donated to the hospital newborn babies. I enjoy giving these away so much.

I am so thankful to the Lord that has given me strength and time to do these. I am also thankful for the wonderful people who have donated jeans to me to cut up for these projects. They have a valuable part in giving unto the Lord. I could not be doing this much without them.

Sometimes it is a hard struggle trying to cut out all the denim squares for the quilts but it keeps my arms strong and in shape. I do a combination of machine and hand sewing on them, and I pray and sing songs to the Lord when I sew them. That way they are blessed quilts for the one who receives. The hems are done all the way around by hand which gives me lots of special time to pray while I sew.

I love meeting with these group of ladies each month who all have the same heart. They make blankets, booties, scratch mittens, bonnets and so much more for these babies. Our Livingston babies leave the hospital in style!
The fellowship with the ladies is absolutely wonderful and we give each other hints on projects. Some of us come early and eat lunch together. This is something that I have longed for ever since we retired here in 2004. I am so glad God led me to this club.

Every time that I bring the denim quilts to the meeting, I always have someone asking me to make them one and they will pay. I just can't accept that offer because it will take away time from my sewing the donating items, and I just don't have time anyway with other ministries that I do. I do feel very honored though that they like them and want one. I give God all the glory! It is He that has given me the time and talent to do them. Without Him I could not sew or give to anyone.

I am hoping to make at least one denim quilt for next month, but first I am making a few small flannel receiving blankets and scratch mittens for the babies for March.
Somewhere in my busy time, I have to start on a quilt for my granddaughter for her birthday! Shhh! Don't tell!

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