Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is about to arrive!

It has been a long cold winter so far even here in Texas where we seldom get cold weather. I am excited about seeing more sunshine lately. When I went outside the other day, I saw that my azaleas are trying to bloom! I can hardly wait to see some more come out.
It won't be long until the Dogwoods will bloom too.

Spring always brings feelings of new beginnings and new things coming. I heard that Shabby Lane Shops has some exciting things going on. Hop over there and see what all is going on. There is always so many free offers and great shopping. I love to beat the crowds and shop at home and let the mail carriers bring me my packages. How about you?

One of my favorite shops there is Isabella's Roses. There are so many things that are restored to beauty. I love watching every week to see what is added.

I was so very busy that I did not get to do much sewing this past fall and winter to add to my website at Shabby Denim Rose. But I am looking to the longer days and more time to add some special handmade items.

Hope everyone has a great and refreshing spring this year. Thanks for stopping by.

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