Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mission Finished!

Well, the quilt and bibs that I was making for the soldier's baby is finally done!
I created it especially for a Military baby as a gift for Dad to give to his 6 month old son for Christmas. He has never seen him and he wanted to give him something special. He asked if I would make one. Of course I was honored to give of my time and talent to do so.
So after much thought and searching for final material, I completed it. Every stitch that I made, I prayed for the soldier, child, and mom that soon they can be reunited again and God will keep them all safe. I hope this quilt brings some joy to this family in their time of absence from each other.
So off in the mail it goes very soon to be delivered to the baby.
Sometime soon, I hope that I can get another large quilt made again this year to mail to another soldier that is deployed like I did last year to help keep him warm for the winter. I am asking God who I need to make it for.